This new economy will increase the productivity, inclusivity, and sustainability of Indonesia’s seafood sector by fostering innovation, scaling solutions, supporting women in leadership and entrepreneurship, and increasing market demand for sustainable seafood products.

Some of the challenges in the sector include:

50% fish stocks

of Indonesia’s wild capture are overexploited

56 million Indonesians

are dependent on the seafood industry for their livelihood

85% of women

engaged in low skilled, low paid work globally, compared to 1% in CEO roles

Seafood Innovation Project

Our Approach

Seafood Innovation Project (SIP) is building the future economy of Indonesia's sustainable seafood sector. This future economy is built through communities of collaboration and innovation.

Together with the community, SIP addresses the challenges faced by the sector through five integrated programs: Accelerator and Incubator Program, Landing Pad Program, Gender Inclusion Program, Market Demand Program, Investment Access Program.

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Get Involved

If you are passionate about realising a sustainable seafood sector in Indonesia, there are several ways to join us:

Our first accelerator program has ended, with a cohort of six Innovators participating. Read the report to explore opportunities in growing impact for the sector.

While we aren’t currently open for applications. Register your interest here to hear about it first.

We are growing a community committed to improving the seafood sector. We have co-designed an initial framework on how we can move forward together. Click here to join our community.

We’re seeking partners to provide funding and strategic advice to the SIP Programs. If you are interested in contributing funds, or strategic insights, send us a message.

Latest News

Via dan Semangat Perubahan
Dec 18, 2019 - 8:00 am
Via dan Semangat Perubahan

Nurafina Suwadji atau lebih akrab dipanggil Via adalah ExecutiveSecretary untuk Board of Directors di PT SIG ASIA, sebuah perusahaan pengolah tuna premium di Bitung, Sulawesi Utara. Via telah bekerja selama lebih dari 4 tahun, mengawali karirnya di Trade Department, menangani pemasaran dan penjualan produk tuna baik ekspor dan domestik.

Via and her opportunity to make change
Dec 18, 2019 - 8:00 am
Via and her opportunity to make change

Nurafina Suwadji, or Via, is the Secretary of the Board of Directors at PT SIG ASIA, a premium tuna processing company in Bitung. Via has been working for more than 3 years in the company, starting her career as a Trade Executive handling the marketing and sales of tuna products. After one year of having additional work assisting the Director, Via was promoted to become an Executive Secretary to the Board of Directors.

Liesje: Government effort in advancing women in the sector
Dec 10, 2019 - 8:00 am
Liesje: Government effort in advancing women in the sector

Liesje Macawalang has been the Head of the Marine and Fisheries Office of Bitung City since 2014. During her career at the Marine and Fisheries Office, Liesje has not seen any particular challenges as a woman working there. She believes that family is the most important factor to be able to succeed as a female leader in the government.