Welcome to the SIP community! Our community was formed around our existing network which consists of leaders from government, non-profits, associations, and businesses who are passionate to improve the sustainability of seafood sector in Indonesia. This community joined us in sourcing, selecting and supporting the SIP Innovators in 2019.

Seafood Innovation Project

Our shared vision

A new economy for sustainable 
seafood in Indonesia.

What will this new economy look like?

As the country with the biggest archipelago in the world, Indonesia has a lot of potentials, that not yet explored, to be the top producer of seafood globally in the next 10 years.

One of the ways to push sustainability in the seafood sector is when the demand for sustainable seafood is high. This will drive the adoption and enforcement of sustainable practices.

The generation gap in the seafood sector is here causing a challenge in penetrating new technology to explore the potential of the source.

The technology plays an important role to drive more sustainable practice. They can help to reduce environmental impacts, empower producers, optimise processing, and manage risks.

The great vision needs to be supported by the right factors. By having policy and regulations that support and push the industry, it will help to reach the goal in a more efficient way

Seafood Innovation Project

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