Last week, we interviewed Bayu Anggara, co-founder and CEO of FishLog. During the interview, Bayu shared FishLog’s journey being a young startup working in Indonesia’s fisheries sector. Bayu and his business partner, Reza, started FishLog because they met with farmers who faced difficulties in dealing with traders and could not have a deal with fair trade. They saw an opportunity to shorten the supply chain by building mini-processing plants near farmers, ensuring fish quality and farmers could eventually sell with a better price. 

While the idea worked out really well with the farmers, however, it wasn’t so easy to implement and after a year of operating, FishLog could not make a business case out of it. So, they started to look for ways in monetising their business yet still helping the farmers. Gathering much feedback from mentors and advisors, they are now rolling out with a new business model that focuses on market access. Their vision remains the same, to create regional ‘hubs’ of near-farm processing plants that manage mini-plants across the archipelago.

Listen to the full interview, below (in Bahasa).

Jul 04, 2019 - 10:00 am