ASIC Shrimp

by Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC)

ASIC Shrimp is a shrimp improvement program, developed by fisheries stakeholders in Southeast Asia to drive new incentives for the shrimp aquaculture industry and help producers capture more value from existing markets, attract new markets and investors.

The Challenge

Challenge area: Market demand creation

In today’s seafood industry, buyer requests for assurance on social and environmental sustainability has increased dramatically and is now a minimum requirement. However, all existing sustainability assurance tools were created by western markets and there has not been a solid attempt to develop locally-based solutions that are credible and match the buyers’ minimum expectations.

The Innovation

Stage of development: Pilot

ASIC Shrimp has created a stakeholder-developed platform with Indonesian stakeholders (as well as other Asian-based stakeholders) that offers the opportunity to reshape supply chains with an improvement tool that can both recognize and reward those producers that are integrating sustainability practices. By supporting stakeholders to build their own tools that are in line with or coupled to international standards, they are more likely to use these tools and seek to promote them within their respective communities.