by SafetyNet Technologies

Pisces is a technology that uses light emitting devices to help fishers catch the right fish, lowering bycatch by up to 90% and improving fishing revenues by 25% - saving more fish, helping fishers, and protecting an increasingly essential food source now and for the future.

The Challenge

Challenge area: Novel technology

Overfishing and bycatch are huge global problems with few proven solutions. Between 8 and 25% of the total global fisheries catch is discarded each year due to a technical inability to accurately target and catch the right fish, at a cost of US$1.8bn per annum [FAO]. Additionally, the World Bank has estimated that poor management of fisheries costs the global economy $50 billion every year.

Discarding 27 million tons of fish per year [Oceana] presents a serious threat to this source, as juvenile, endangered and other non-marketable fish are needlessly destroyed, at great economic, environmental and ecological cost.

The Innovation

Stage of development: Pilot

Different species of fish are affected by lights in different ways. Some are attracted and some are repelled, and it all depends on the type of light you use. SafetyNet’s innovative and affordable product enables users (fishers) to easily specify the wavelength, intensity, polarization and flash-pattern of the light it emits, to better attract the size and species of fish they are licensed to catch. It is easy to fit, recharge and is designed specifically for the fishing environment. It retrofits to any type of fishing gear and a set of 20 lights and a charger (enough for most vessels) will pay off its own purchase within 1 day of use by fishers by enabling them to comply with new fishing regulations that reward the use of sustainable gears.