Do you know where your seafood comes from?

Do you know how to trace it?

Join us and answer those questions in our Seafood Trackathon!

We are very proud to partner with Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability and USAID Oceans to organise the Traceability Hackathon (Trackathon) in Bali on October 26-27. The Bali Trackathon is the final event of the Tracakthon series after the Cologne event on October 21-22.

Traceability systems are a vital component of the seafood sector. It allows seafood produce to be tracked, ensuring the catch is legal and accountable, avoiding bycatch, and fostering environmental sustainability. However, the seafood industry has been struggling to build and implement a  system that meets the needs of stakeholders across the supply chain, with many unsuccessful attempts using extensive and complex technology.

In the Trackathon, we invite technology developers to create innovative solutions that support ocean sustainability, supply chain transparency, and consumer decision-making for the seafood products they buy. Specifically, the Trackathon is looking to find solutions for interoperable traceability systems, so that every system in place – from the vessels, transshipments, ports, processing facilities, to the market – are exchanging correct information, and can verify the information they are getting. Other than that, some technical challenges facing the industry. Please read the challenge areas below.

At the moment, we are gathering experts to articulate seafood industry traceability challenges, so that talented hackers and developers can develop applicable solutions in interoperability, verification, and other technical challenges. If you are interested in getting involved, applications are currently open for:

  • Hackathon participant
  • Data Donor
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Event Sponsor

Please register your interest here or if you have more ideas in partnering for the Hackathon, don’t hestiate to send us a message

Aug 16, 2019 - 9:00 am